Our Process

At Paramount Wealth Advisors, our primary service is to provide you an objective and comprehensive fee-based financial plan. Our process begins with collecting both objective and subjective data.  This includes specific information such as income tax returns, estate documents, and investment statements as well as the "soft data" which ultimately determines your goals. The real power in our process involves helping you to develop and formalize your specific family objectives. The next step in our process is to analyze the data with our team of specialists and begin to build your financial plan. The financial plan will state your objectives in each of the planning areas as well as our observations, concerns and recommendations for each area. As part of this process, we use comprehensive software to build a sophisticated model of your financial situation. We then perform "what if analysis" on all of our recommendations to demonstrate the positive impact of implementing our solutions. Finally, all recommendations are presented in writing and used as the blueprint to implement the strategies that you agree will improve your situation on a going forward basis. Each and every financial plan is customized for the individual client and their family to help project them into the financial future they want and deserve. In essence, we assist clients to transition from where they are, to where they want to be.